Cross Community Hackathon

Just a quick reply on that one: This was only something we very briefly talked about at the end of the call, so “workshop day” isn’t final at all. :slight_smile: Language-wise anything with “hack” is often recommended against as it comes off as exclusive, and also mostly gets programmers.
Maybe something like “Open Source Diversity contribution day”? As said, the name is still very much up for discussion.

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Thanks for the Clarification! I also totally see the point about the “hack” being difficult. It could exclude people who might not want to contribute code but documentation, design etc.

I like this idea!

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I would like to propose The Qt Project, the contributions could be from a broad range of topics from documentation, examples, tutorials, bug fixing, and features.

If something else is required, please let me know.

PS: Of course I would be more than happy to participate in this amazing event, and make the introduction to Qt.


I also like this name: “ Open Source Diversity contribution day

Great to have you on board @cmaureir <3


Hello all!

@jessica0greene @jan Thanks for your replies. I had an extreme busy time the past 2 weeks, I unfortunately overlooked the notification-mails on this thread among many updates, sorry for this delay on my side. Have you been able to catch up? If you want, from 20th August I can arrange a Google Hangout.

Also warm greetings to Anna, Charlie, Sarah and Cristián!

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this is such a cool idea… I would love to participate but not sure at the moment with all the commitments I have if that is feasible but if I do manage it I would love to come with powerplant

When is this hackathon happening?

The 19th October is the chosen date, that is a Saturday to have the full day available :slight_smile:

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Ok, thank you for the updates. I can participate with my above mentioned projects.

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We could try write Digital Ocean Berlin (does anyone have a contact?) and ask if they want to sponsor some swag and food.

Perhaps @alicetragedy I think the RGSoC swag included some digital ocean bags, do you know anyone that works there?

@jan did I dream that we could do ticketing for the event through discourse? It would be good to start setting this up and in September start getting the word out. After tomorrow I am offline for a week and in early September will be pretty busy just a heads up for all :slight_smile:

It would be good to start setting this up and in September start getting the word out.
Sounds good to me, but then we should have the location and as far as I understand, we don’t have a final word on that yet?

So far it seems we have talked to (?) three potential hosts, but I am not sure if we have offers yet?

I don’t know anyone at Digital Ocean, but if no one can help, I would offer to just try to get in touch with someone who can help.

Ticketing we could do through Open Collective. :slight_smile:

I created a tentative event at

Let me know what should be changed – I used the “Code more” event from last year as template (very useful!). And if you are not yet in the Open Collective group, let me know your email address via direct message and I’ll add you. :slight_smile:

I like the event page, @jan!
The text is good and I believe we have most of the key info on there. Maybe add that people need to bring there laptops? Just to focus a bit more that this is a hands on event.

I know the schedule is probably not fixed in any way yet as we don’t have a host. But if we want to “open” at 9 am, I would not start with the intro before around 9:30. Usually a lot of people run late and then the intro will be interupted a lot or missed by many people.

So I would use the first half hour as a buffer. People can come in, chat, get to know the space etc.

When I read about the schedule I also wondered if we should do a few optional talks/workshops during the day? Could be bar camp style, where we allow people to propose topics and if there is enough interest + someone who volunteers to give the talk, we have it. This could allow us to tailor the content to the needs & interests of the attendees.
That would of course only work if we have a enough room.

Or maybe we can add 1-2 questions to the signup form and ask what they would like to know about open source contributions and why they have not contributed yet. We can then try to answer all the frequent questions in the intro.

Hey @jan @sarah.c.koehler @Incabell @oz1127 can we organise a call to see where we are and what needs to be done? It would be great to confirm what projects are coming and get the event live to start promoting it.

Of course everyone here is welcome to join this call, I just tried to highlight those most active :slight_smile:

  • Tuesday 10th 1pm -2pm
  • Thursday 12th 1pm -2pm
  • Wednesday 11th 9pm
  • Monday 16th 9pm
  • Tuesday 17th 9pm
  • Wednesday 18th 9pm
  • Thursday 19th 1pm -2pm
  • Thursday 19th 9pm

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We also thought about having a small q&a with a panel after lunch, we would get a big board have people right questions on it and put plus one next to other questions they like then we can go with the most popular questions. We would need a moderator and maybe four of the people from projects to be on the panel. Also maybe we have someone who knows about Licences? This seems to be a popular question.

I just found out that the Hacktoberfest page was finally updated for 2019. It seems we can register our event there and maybe receive some swag. It will also get listed on their Hacktoberfest event overview :slight_smile:

To register we should have the event page set up, so we can maybe do that after we have the call.

Looks like we have two dates for a catch up call, so I would propose we chose the closest. This would be next week, Wednesday September 11th at 9pm.

Does that work for everyone, @jan, @jessica0greene, @oz1127 ?


I agree. Next week works for me!

works for me too :slight_smile: