Cross Community Hackathon

Hi everyone,

I would like to propose doing another community event this fall in Berlin similar to Code more: Getting into Open Source Event

I have recently been talking with @oz1127 about doing a hackathon day/weekend. I would propose we also collaborate with Women Who Code (@sarah.c.koehler is also interested), Women Tech Makers (Hasan has already contacted them), Code Curious and Hasan is also in contact with CodeBar.

I would suggest we maybe use a EventBrite ticketing system rather than Meetup ( I think we can see a slight improvement on attendance/rsvp ratio.

Main point would be finidng a location that

  1. is large enough
  2. allows us over the weekend
  3. ideally fitting to our theme and open source. I would try with WikiMedia.

I would say we have a few projects (max 8) from or for underrepresented/marginalized groups with their own areas and also an open area.
We need to consider:

  • a quiet room,
  • toilets,
  • accessibility access,
  • food & drink
  • kick off event - I think the rest should really be open coding time for everyone
  • which code of conduct & how to handle this

It could be really cool to do this during HackOctober however I have to say I am personally pretty busy in October and it’s lead up so would preference November.

I think this could be really fun and look forward to hearing your feedback :slight_smile:


Edit here instead of event brite Open Collective have their own ticketing system - which is ideal <3

Could be even awesome to do this is other places than Berlin at the same time and have a call to link each other and offer help on the forum.

Update; I have met with CodeBar Berlin Chapter organizers yesterday and they are very interested to be in this collective and do the hackathon together. @jessica0greene should we sync and schedule a hangout call with all participants to organize the details?

Sounds great lets do it via a poll here. I suggest from early August as @jan is traveling until then.

@sarah.c.koehler @Roxy

@oz1127 can you tell the others to sign up here, then we have everything in one place :slight_smile:

  • Thursday August 1st 19:00
  • Monday August 5th 13:30
  • Monday August 5th 19:00
  • Tuesday August 6th 13:30
  • Tuesday August 6th 19:00

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invited Roxy and Anna from WomenTechMakers Berlin; Kristian, Amber, Raimo from CodeBar Berlin Chapter; and Dera, Lauren, Vanessa from JS-Conf BiPoCIT Team.


Hi everyone, great idea thanks for the invitation!
When it comes to the location I can recommend Thoughtworks, if should be large enough and I did there a workshop during a weekend and thy are one of the most inclusive companies in Berlin. I can make an introduction with them via email if you like (if so please notify me via email, I am not sure if I can follow this forum on the regular basis)!

Code of conduct is nice but I personally think is even better, as it describes handling the incidents.

We will be happy to retweet and share info on facebook. I am not sure how much other support I could offer, if I have some time I can try to join.



Thanks Anna

ThoughtWorks is definitely a great suggestion. I am also in close contact with them so an introduction is not necessary but thank you very much for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Also the insight about the code of conducts! We’ll keep you updated, hope you can make the event!

@jan do you have time on any of the appointments suggested?

Yes, sorry for the late reply, slowly going through stuff after the vacation. Voted now, all the evenings work. :slight_smile:

We do have our office at Wikimedia now but I haven’t been there yet and will only be in Berlin in a week. But if we still need a venue and ThoughtWorks doesn’t work out, maybe @Incabell could connect to whoever manages the Wikimedia space?

(Especially as it would be a similar event to the Ladies That FOSS event (photos) that the Berlin meetup developed out of.)

What else needs to be done?

Hi my calendar has shifted a little I can now only do August 6th for a call. Alternatively we can do it here asynchronously.

WikiMedia office would be perfect.

The concept is a cross community open source hack-a-thon with dedicated projects but also an open area. We could also offer a few workshops (Git basics/ finding your first issue to work on) throughout the day.

We need to discuss (in no particular order)

  • Agree on date (October during Hackoctober honestly would be best but there is a few conferences then that I am involved in)
  • location (I’d try WikiMedia first and then ThoughtWorks)
  • food & drink sponsor
  • Projects (space will predict how many, we should cover as many stacks & communities as possible) - they should prep good first issues, a very short intro to the project (in text form for advertising the event but also maybe we do a quick presentation round on the day)
  • Some floating coaches (maybe just us organisers to ensure code of conduct is enforced, project leaders are managing, general event running things etc)
  • presentation for start about Open Source Diversity but also intro to other communities
  • We talked about ticketing through Discourse which I like.
  • Where else should we advertise and how
  • Code of Conduct to use - set up communications for this.


I can connect you to the event space organisers at the Wikimedia office.

weekend, quiet room and toilets are no problem, the only thing is, I’m not super sure our toilets are wheelchair friendly unfortunately. I will ask again on Monday but I don’t see how a wheelchair could comfortably navigate in our stalls :frowning:

I’m on holiday on the 6th but I might be able to join the call, depending on the WiFi situation.



Here’s the shared pad for planning :slight_smile:

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@oz1127 did you hear if anyone from the other communities is interested to join for the Hackathon? @Incabell, @jan and I chatted last week (as Charlie is not about this week) we have put down the 19th October as Jan will gone from November. We’ve started to scout out some locations and think about what projects we could invite.

Next steps would be securing a location.
Reaching out to Projects, Jan has already started. It would be great to have a mixture of subjects/ tech stacks. I think circa 8 projects is what we can manage.
Decide on ticketing & set it up
Start advertising the event

Do we still want a call this week?

  • Please note I will be gone most of August and in a different time zone *

Hi @oz1127 & @jan do we still need a call this evening? I will be a bit later at work but can also call in from here. ThoughtWorks will get back to us regarding location.

Next would be collecting a list of projects we want to approach - we could do this here asynchronously.

Some of the projects we could have:

Which other projects are there? :slight_smile:

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We could do it, but don’t have to if it’s a hassle. What do you think @oz1127?

My only thing is lets make sure we have different stacks and themes of projects. Also non coding things for WikiPedia could be nice :slight_smile:

Qt project from Cristain, I will invite him here he was keen last time. (its Python)

Hi all,

sorry for being so quiet so far. I had not set up the notifications, so I did not notice how much was already going on.

Great what you have done so far, I am happy to jump in wherever help is needed.

One more idea:
How about a project speed dating? We could do that as a form of introduction for people who have not yet found the right project.
If we have a public intro we should make sure to give the presenters really detailed guidelines what they should mention. And maybe add a short Q&A for each?

For Projects we can also look at the list from last years event:
I believe vapor could be a good candidate, as it’s a very different stack (swift) and they are quite active and nice.

I am fine with all locations mentioned so far.

It would probably be nice to find some additional sponsors for food and maybe giveaways?

As anyone ever done an event for Hacktober? Maybe if we sign up officially, we can also get some support and publicity through that channel. I have not found much info yet about anything for 2019.

One more thing: According to the linked document, the name is planned to be “Open Source Diversity workshop day”. I would propose to think about that again, because “workshop” sounds way more structured than what we have planned. Maybe something like “hack day” fits the format better?