Code more: Getting into Open Source Event

To discuss organisation of event in November:

Interested to know what it takes to get started in Open Source? Want to know what local projects and communities you can get involved with?

In this cross community event we will cover what Open Source means, why you should contribute to Open Source projects, the tools to get started and have a selection of local projects/ contributors pitch the projects they contribute to and why you should join them :slight_smile:

Open Source is not only a great way to code on larger projects with a community of developers, but also it will help you become a better developer, build up a work history on GitHub and connection to the wider community.

“The gender imbalance in open source remains profound: 95% of respondents are men; just 3% are women and 1% are non-binary.”

This cross community event is aimed at engaging more women in Open Source projects by connecting them to safe and diverse projects.

If you contribute to a project or know one you would like highlighted in this event either as a presentation or as part of a repository of projects please fill in this form:

WORKING SCHEDULE: 18:30 Doors open 19:00 welcome 19:05 Community introductions (5 mins each) ( 2-3 slides - logo, what you do, contact, open source related) PyLadies: Jessica/ Mei li WTM: Roxy, Natalie WWC: Sarah, Ivana, Leonor, Rad OSD (?/ Charlie) Mozilla? PyData (Adrin /?)

19:35 Introduction from Digi Labs (8 mins) 19:43 Introduction from Tywla (8mins) 19:51 Why Open Source? What is Open Source? (Hong) 20:00 How to get started, tools, communication, tasks you can do. (Camila & Jan - OSD)

20:20 Break

20:30 - 21:16 Slots for open source projects to present their project (what it is, Languages used, their community, tasks that can be done, where to find out more) - 8 mins each 20:30 slot 1: 20:38 slot 2: 20:46 slot 3: 20:54 slot 4: 21:02 slot 5: 21:10 slot 6: 21:18 slot 7: 21:26 slot 8: 21:30 - 22:00 Open session for participants to speak with projects, ask questions and get started


Can you also please post here the link of the event and a bit more details about it? Will be great to have this info for the new people that will join the forum :slight_smile:

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Hi all,

One thing to discuss now would be the talks at the start we said we wanted the following:

  • Why Open Source? What is Open Source? (5-10 minutes)
  • How to get started, tools, communication, tasks you can do. (20 minutes)

I originally assigned this to @Jan & @Camila are you still interested? On meetup I was contacted by Hong founder of FOSSASIA (currently working at Zalando Berlin advising open source & inner source strategies) Perhaps she is interested to take some section.

I’d like to have some clearer idea of how this is going to look and know everyone who is involved knows what they are doing and should they require anything additional.

I will unfortunately probably not make the meeting on Tuesday as I go to PyCon early Wednesday morning. But I will take OSD stickers with me and spread the word!

We also need a big push to get more projects signed up, even those who cannot attend but have beginner friendly content and are inclusive to add to our projects list!

The form for them to sign up is here:

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Thank you @jessica0greene :blossom: - just filled out the form and added Fedora project :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone how are you all?

I mentioned today at PyCon the call for projects for the open source workshop :slight_smile: I hope it will bring some more projects our way.

There are still not many responses (

Can anyone update me on if work has been done on the opening talks?

I have someone interested in sponsoring food for the event. :tada: :pizza:

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Directly asked some project maintainers and related people again:

Will also submit Nextcloud now. :wink:

@Greta @Incabell you could submit Wikidata? :tada:

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Hey everyone, I just checked the responses on the signup form and I am not sure where we have the final list of the projects that will give presentations at the meetup.
I got a message from someone who submitted a project but was not sure if she got a slot or not.

Is there a list already to collect the confirmed presentation slots and also to make sure we contact the ones that have signed up, but have not received any message from us yet?

Your right this needs to be done, is there any chance you think we can push this to tomorrow and do it together at the WWC hackevening? I’ve just been pushed for time this last week x

About the opening talks, I needed to organize my thoughts about it, so I flushed some of the ideas which you can see here:

I’m writing another one about ways to contribute and [git-related] tools involved (again mostly to organize my thoughts).

They’re by far not the best and/or the most exhaustive source out there, but writing them is helping me better prepare for the meetup.


An update from my side about the project presentations: We now have 6 real confirmations and two indirect ones (where I am still waiting for a final confirmation from the speakers personally).
We also have our Hack Evenings project as a backup. If no slot remains for that, that is no problem. I can include it briefly in my WWC intro presentation and then just have it on the project list.

This is the current list of projects that will do a short presentation:

20:20 slot 1: Vapor
20:28 slot 2: nextcloud
20:36 slot 3: pygame
20:44 slot 4: gradle
20:52 slot 5: sckikit-learn)
21:00 slot 6: drip
21:08 slot 7: Mozilla (unsure which project(s))
21:16 slot 8: RGSoC OS projects

We can change the order, it is currently just more or less random.


Hi everyone,

please check updated information at

We are waiting on the slides from Camila and Hong (we will only present from one machine to save time swapping and would like to put everything in one slide show before Tuesay.)

If either of you need anything please let me know here or better email ( I am not on signal!)


Good luck with the event :shamrock::smiley:

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I would love to join the meetup if I am ever in Berlin at the right time.

Thanks everyone for making it an awesome night! I really enjoyed all pitches and the talks from
Hong, Camila and Jan! For those who couldn’t make it, we’ll just have to do it again :wink:

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And for all who couldn’t make it: Here is the complete list of projects:

It is also open to more submissions, just create a PR :slight_smile:

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Hi all,

it’s Robert, I’m a software developer and I love to help people programming. I’ve just send a PR to the list:

I’m too late for the event but I would like to join for the next time <3


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This looks like a great event! Some one please live stream / record / vlog it for those who can not make it :nerd_face: :movie_camera:

Hi Eddie this event has already passed but I am figuring out how we can do this for future events :slight_smile:

Oh ok. I am late to the party :slight_smile:

Looking forward to future events

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