Call for mentors and female OSS project maintainers at Grace Hopper Celebration events

Hi everyone, :wave:

I am Taniya Seth, an Open Source Day (OSD) 21 committee member at

Open Source Day (OSD) 21 is an opportunity for Grace Hopper Celebration attendees of all skill levels and backgrounds to collaborate and make an impact by creating code that benefits the global community. Many of these attendees will be contributing to open source projects for the first time on OSD. To support them and ensure their experience is positive and fun, we are looking for mentors that will walk the attendees through finding a project and an issue, working on a solution, and then going through the code review process to close the issue. Note that the opportunity to mentor is not limited to women only. We are happy to consider anyone who would be interested to be a mentor.

:timer_clock: Time Committments

Before the event (OSD 2021 Summer): 1 hour training, engaging with participants on Slack etc.

Day of the event (OSD 2021 Summer): 2021-07-15T16:00:00Z ā†’ 2021-07-16T00:00:00Z

(GHC is planned for September 27-October 1 2021. OSD fall event will coincide within this date range, TBD.)


:woman_technologist:t4:More Opportunities

Apart from this, we are also swiftly looking for women project maintainers (or OSS projects with female maintainers), as well as women speakers for OSD 21. I would request you to highly consider these opportunities if these are applicable to you. We have exciting things lined up for your project! :partying_face:

FYI, currently all our main info about the Open Source Day (OSD) 21 is hosted here: Open Source Day - Grace Hopper Celebration

:email: Feel free to DM/email me at for more info regarding the events.

Thanks, -Taniya

P.S.: Apologies if I posted in the wrong channel/topic, this is the first time Iā€™m using discourse, so Iā€™m still figuring out stuff.