Algorithms and data structures study group in Berlin

A couple of people and I want to start a study group for people interested in learning algorithms and data structures.

The idea of this group is to meet every week or every two weeks and have one person teaching one subject. There would be a time for questions and afterwards the participants would try to solve a problem on LeetCode/Hackerrank/etc that is related to what it was just taught. We’d have people helping around, but mostly it’d be just you and your code.
Ideally every week we’d have a new teacher, so the meetings wouldn’t feel heavy for any one person.

It’s open for everyone as long as the people there respect the code of conduct.

I already have a place for hosting it, it’s going to be at Mozilla and in the night time. I also already got a few people interested both in organizing and teaching stuff. (The more the merrier if you’re also interested drop me a message).

But I came here to ask for expertise of people who’ve done something similar:

  • Meetup is a paid website and doesn’t offer a very good service imo, also I’d rather use something open source like Open collective. I couldn’t use the functionality of creating a new event there (maybe because you have to be a bigger organization?). Do you have anything else to recommend me to use as a management tool of how many people are going and a place where I can point people to so they can learn more about the event?

  • I tried to contact people from Open Tech School because I believe the goal of this group we’re creating is pretty similar to what they do, but nobody answered me. I wonder if anybody here knows anybody there that I could talk to.

  • Do you know any other “umbrella organization” like Open Tech School that has a scope that accepts our group?

I’m also considering just creating a Facebook event and sending the link to a few groups I know. But I thought reaching out a consolidated group might give our study group more visibility so we could reach more people. =)

Thanks for the help people!