Cross Community Hackathon

Hi next week we have our dev offsite at work, which I am organising. It means I cannot make a call Tuesday lunch unfortunately, its also a really full week. I could do Friday evening, what things are left to do? I am talking with @sarah.c.koehler about the catering. I can ask at work about post-its, ThoughtWorks may also have this and name tags. :slight_smile:

@jan, @jessica0greene, @oz1127: As it seems that a final call will not be an option before Friday, I would say we try to clarify all open questions and assign all Todos asynchronously as good as we can.

I added two sections to our shared doc:

  1. Open questions that we should try to answer. I think we can add comments there, so we can either discuss these points in the doc or here.
  2. Todos for us this week and on Saturday so we don’t forget anything important :slight_smile:
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One more question regarding participation:
We have 42 tickets sold according to Open Collective. Does anyone know if this number includes the project mentors? Did we ask them to get a ticket as well or do we have to add them on top?

I am just trying to get a feeling for how many people will show up.

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I’ve also made some notes on the document now, in response :slight_smile: we did mention to project maintainers to sign up, but its hard to say if they all did. I don’t think we should worry too much, some will not show. I would expect around 30 but would also put in some more effort to advertise the event.

Hi people, I’m going to present a project in the Hackathon and I’d like to know if it’s gonna be possible to show some slides to the people there.
Are we expected to do that or the presentation of the project is going to be an informal talk?

@marimeireles hi, yes the space has a projector we will use. The project intros will be quick 5–7 minutes and you can show slides, or show the website, or show the actual software. :slight_smile:

(Right @jessica0greene @sarah.c.koehler @oz1127 ?)

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@jan & @marimeireles It was not explicitely mentioned in the email from ThoughtWorks but I am pretty sure we will have a projector. laptops should also be no issue :wink:


Right, it just said it in the initial requirements list from Alma, sorry. :slight_smile:

Also unfortunately Anika (Diversity Tickets) had to cancel because there is a date conflict.

I also asked Anika about the childcare requirements just so that we have it for next time, added it to the document and just for reference here:

Anika from Diversity Tickets said: A child-friendly play corner would be great (doesn’t have to be an extra room) and a means for diaper change. Ideally the corner is somewhere where it’s not superloud and not in the middle of the room. She also said she could help designing that for next time.

Hi @marimeireles can you message me your email and what project you are presenting I have some final information to share :slight_smile:

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I’d like to write an email to attendees something along the lines of looking forward to you joining us, dont forget your chargers and to register on the Hacktober website

@jan I dont see how to do this on the open collective can you help me :see_no_evil:

Thank you!

Also sent you a Signal message with the email it shows to me, but just as info for others too:

On the event page between the map and the attendee list, below the “48 people going” there are 3 links, one saying “Send email” :slight_smile:

Sent out a last tweet for tomorrow:

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Email sent to all the attendees and we started slides here:

@oz1127 and @jan if you have time, it would be great if you could have a look, especially at the slides about Turkish Tech and OSD.
@oz1127 I assumed you wanted to add your own content, so for now it is mainly a placeholder slide, just with the header image from meetup.

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Here is a slide about Turkish Tech Berlin

Asked for permissions to change the slides.
Otherwise feel free to add this, change colors&font optionally to match the scheme.

My bus was delayed so I am there circa 4 minutes past 9 just FYI. Once we’re in to ThoughtWorks Sarah and I will go get the cakes. Jan and Hasan can you help set up the tables.

We couldn’t get a bell. But I brought a second laptop which we can have a small program running on to count and display contributions on. Maybe something already exists for this, or we write a quick script for it.

As we discussed that we would like to meet to discuss the event and the future of OSD, I created a poll below with all dates in the next weeks:

  • Oct 22nd
  • Oct 23rd
  • Oct 24th
  • Oct 25th
  • Oct 28th
  • Oct 29th
  • Oct 30th
  • Oct 31st
  • Nov 1st
  • Nov 4th
  • Nov 5th
  • Nov 6th
  • Nov 7th
  • Nov 8th
  • Nov 11th
  • Nov 12th
  • Nov 13th
  • Nov 14th
  • Nov 15th

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I guess it would have to be after work (meeting between 6 and 7pm), because our offices are quite far away when I remember correctly.

Please enter your availability, @jessica0greene, @jan, @oz1127 and @camilasan


Thanks for setting that up Sarah seems it should be the 29th October then :grinning:

Great, I am happy we found something.
Any ideas for a location that works for everyone?
I work in Prenzlauer Berg and live in Mariendorf.
@jessica0greene is in Neukölln.
What about you, @jan and @oz1127?

I would recommend somewhere on the u6 near Schönenberg. From what I know this intersects all our area’s

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