Scikit-learn Sprint in Berlin!

Women in Machine Learning and Data Science are excited to announce our first Berlin scikit-learn open source sprint! The scikit-learn sprint is a one-day hands-on “hackathon” where we work on issues in the scikit-learn GitHub repo and learn to contribute to open source.

Full details of the event are available on the website here:

Please read through carefully and then submit an application here:;

We encourage you to apply early, as space is limited and demand is high. You don’t need to have open source contribution experience to join.

Are you proficient in python and git and have a knowledge of scikit-learn? Do you have previous experience in contributing to an open source project? Perhaps you would consider volunteering as a helper at this event, supporting less experienced participants. Please get in touch!

Please share this invitation with your friends, colleagues, and social networks. You can find us on twitter and LinkedIn, or message me to get a link to a message you can repost easily.