Open Software and limited resources

Hi folks,

I’ve been battling with this question and since I’m not a software developer, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject:

What do you do when developing a tool to ensure it can be used in restricted/limited resources environments with regards to bandwidth, hardware, etc…

  • What do you take into consideration?

  • What pitfalls or challenges do you face?

  • What barriers stand in the way of using certain softwares in Low Middle-Income Countries?

  • What license do you use?

  • How to deal with data download/upload interruptions?

Here is an example of some of the feedback I got while asking folks this question in the CarpentryCon Sprint:

  • Design for offline use
  • Design for multiple platforms
  • Translation
  • Minimizing the use of language, compensating with visual elements
  • Clear and simple text may often work clearer than visual elements
  • Think about balance between text-heavy and image heavy which impacts users with language difficulties and visual impairments, respectively.
  • Autosave in case of disaster/ lack of electricity

Link to event notes if anyone is interested:

Eager to hear your thoughts and ideas :slight_smile: