OSS in the Social Sector in LMICs

We’re looking for contributors on our survey!

If you know anything about OSS in Kenya, Mexico, India or Egypt, please fill out this survey:

Background info

Hi everyone, this is Mala, the Director of Tech for Social Good at GitHub. Last year, we published the report Open Source Software in the Social Sector, which was based on nearly a year’s worth of research and focused heavily on organizations and individuals based in North America and Europe.

We recently launched a second OSS in the social sector research project that is focusing on four low- and middle-income countries: Kenya, Mexico, India and Egypt. If you know anything about OSS (especially in the social sector*) in these four countries, please fill out the form. We’d also be very appreciative if you forwarded on the survey to your networks. There are Spanish and Arabic language versions of the survey linked at the top of the first page of the English version.

We define the “social sector” as organizations, companies and individuals - either nonprofit or for-profit - whose primary mission and work is to help achieve or advance at least one SDG, social good cause or human right.