Announcing SustainOSS India 2023 Meetup

Hello folks, Great to e-meet you all!

I am organizing SustainOSS India Meetup 2023 in Hyderabad, India. SustainOSS is a meetup that holds space for conversations about sustaining all aspects of Open Source. After a lot of attempts, Sustain’s first India meetup is happening soon, and I would love for folks from the Open Source Diversity community to be there.

If you are or know folks contributing to open-source, researchers, contributors, or working at OSPO teams here in India, then pass along their contact details, and I will be happy to reach out to them! We have finalized the topics for discussions too if you know folks who might be interested to lead these.

## Topics for breakout rooms

  1. Open source for society and citizens
  2. Building Ethical AI
  3. Open Source Licensing
  4. Sustain the People: Taking Care of Burnout and Mental Health
  5. A company’s responsibilities towards OSS
  6. Supply Chain Security in OSS



Hi Vipul, I will be in Hyderabad in September for PyCon India, perhaps some folks from Sustain OSS will be there? I will be talking at PyCon about open source communities and happy to give you a shout out as a local community. I would be curious what you have been doing to ensure your space is diverse and inclusive? :slight_smile:

Best wises, Jessica

Hello, Thanks for reaching out. I look forward to your keynote at PyCon India. I do hope that more folks can make it to the conference. With this first meetup, we are trying to get the conversations started around sustainability in OSS. To make that happen, we are trying to involve a diverse group of experts from different walks of life to make this experience rewarding for everyone. We also have a Code of Conduct, so everyone feels safe and welcome.

Best, Vipul

Ps. If you can, please do join the meetup. It would be incredible to have you!