OpenCIDER (Open Computational Inclusion and Digital Equity Resource)

I would like to introduce you to OpenCIDER (Open Computational Inclusion and Digital Equity Resource), a space for the open data community to get together and share knowledge in terms of guidelines, checklists, and other resources, with the aim to create inclusive, accessible spaces and tools for computational inclusion to alleviate the digital divide.

:mag_right: We are looking for folks interested in contributing to the resource (atm it’s only the two of us, we’d appreciate the help) and joining discussions on how the digital divide affects participation in open-data and open-data discussions. In doing so, my co-founder and I, have started a series of community calls in order to engage with the wider community, specifically targeting open-data enthusiasts in Low Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) to collect information and create guidelines on issues such as:

  • Guidelines for running virtual events (including computational training) in low resources environments such as in LMICs, for example; where and how to provide access to mobile data grants, a checklist for “low-tech” event organization, community building, and community empowerment.

  • Ideas for the development of accessible, adaptable technical solutions that aid the community in data management, computational training, and community building.

  • Also to offer a community space for diverse open data and open research enthusiasts to connect and collaborate.

Here are our two upcoming events that we really hope you can attend! :slight_smile:

–> Community call “Low-Tech Strategies for Data Literacy”, with our keynote speaker @sdopoku: 3rd August 19:00 CEST.

Sign up at

–> OpenCIDER Sprint Session at @CarpentryCon: 11th Aug 16:00 UTC.


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Please consider signing up to join our discussions.

Twitter: @OpenCIDER & @Yalahowy @Nazeefa

Slack: OpenCIDER

Gitter: OpenCider/community

Telegram: OpenCIDER

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Looking forward to joining the community call :smile:

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