Himmelfart: Opentech Fest + BBQ

We would like to invite OpenSource Diversity to join our annual OpenTech Summit. The 2019 event will take place at the MotionLab makerspace in Berlin-Kreuzberg. We have program for the entire family: With hands-on workshops, Lasercutter showcases, tech talks, barcamp sessions and a Coderdojo for Kids. The keynote speaker this year is privacy freedom fighter and CEO of Nextcloud Frank Karlitschek.

BBQ is starting around lunch time.

We have a slots for presentations, lightning talks, and barcamp sessions left. Any topic related to open technologies and how to make the world a better place through sharing and collaboration in the Free and Open Source community is welcome :slight_smile: Please fill in this form to get a slot: https://opentechsummit.net/speaker-registration

Free entrance, please get your ticket here so we can do the head count for food.

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