Cross Community Hackathon

Here is a slide about Turkish Tech Berlin

Asked for permissions to change the slides.
Otherwise feel free to add this, change colors&font optionally to match the scheme.

My bus was delayed so I am there circa 4 minutes past 9 just FYI. Once we’re in to ThoughtWorks Sarah and I will go get the cakes. Jan and Hasan can you help set up the tables.

We couldn’t get a bell. But I brought a second laptop which we can have a small program running on to count and display contributions on. Maybe something already exists for this, or we write a quick script for it.

As we discussed that we would like to meet to discuss the event and the future of OSD, I created a poll below with all dates in the next weeks:

  • Oct 22nd
  • Oct 23rd
  • Oct 24th
  • Oct 25th
  • Oct 28th
  • Oct 29th
  • Oct 30th
  • Oct 31st
  • Nov 1st
  • Nov 4th
  • Nov 5th
  • Nov 6th
  • Nov 7th
  • Nov 8th
  • Nov 11th
  • Nov 12th
  • Nov 13th
  • Nov 14th
  • Nov 15th

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I guess it would have to be after work (meeting between 6 and 7pm), because our offices are quite far away when I remember correctly.

Please enter your availability, @jessica0greene, @jan, @oz1127 and @camilasan


Thanks for setting that up Sarah seems it should be the 29th October then :grinning:

Great, I am happy we found something.
Any ideas for a location that works for everyone?
I work in Prenzlauer Berg and live in Mariendorf.
@jessica0greene is in Neukölln.
What about you, @jan and @oz1127?

I would recommend somewhere on the u6 near Schönenberg. From what I know this intersects all our area’s

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I’m in Schöneberg on U7, stuff on the U6 is fine for me for sure. Hasan?

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U7 is even better for me! So Mehringdam basically, if anyone knows a place there. There is plenty along Bergmanstrasse, perhaps we eat together?

I could recommend Knofi on Bergmannstraße, any other ideas? If we find something, I could reserve October 29 for 4 ppl, and do we say 19:00 (or 18:00, whatever works).

(Btw to really make it obvious we are shutting down the meetup group and it will be closed on the 25th, this Friday, I also created an event for the shutdown/move on Meetup itself: )


Also @sarah.c.koehler since you wrote “discussing the future of OSD” above, I would say there we should mainly focus on what we do in Berlin, as we have a bunch of people elsewhere and for that we should probably do a separate call at some stage. :slight_smile:


Happy to see a great event that you all organized in Berlin. :tada: Congrats :100:

Can we please have an online meeting, to allow people to participate virtually?


Definitely happy to go to Knofi. Agree this meeting is more about the Berlin activity but there could be a second online meeting to involve all chapters. @jonatoni perhaps you want to propose some dates/ times for this?

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Sure, will follow up on this thread ☎ Monthly calls? since we already have it :slight_smile:

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@jessica0greene, @sarah.c.koehler, @jan Location suggestion is perfect, I am currently residing close to the Mehringdamm area. Anywhere near U6 or U7 is great.

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@jan Sorry for the oversight, the meeting was only meant to discuss what is happing in Berlin.

And the Location is also great for me.

Shall we say 18:30?

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Great, so next Tuesday, October 29, 18:30 at Knofi Bergmannstraße 98. :garlic:

(Called to reserve but they said since their shop on the other side is closed atm they don’t take reservations, but mentioned that at the time it should be fine.)

@sarah.c.koehler no worries, was sure it was only the wording :slight_smile:


See you all soon :smiley: I would just bring a pen and paper notebook with me if that is cool?


Yes, see you soon! Notebook and pen is of course ok, otherwise we will forget everything :smiley:

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@oz1127 & @jan: I have sent a few of the pictures from today to @jessica0greene . If you want them as well I can also share them with you, just let me know how/where.

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@sarah.c.koehler you can email them or send on mobile. I pm‘d you my contact info. Thank you!