Starter tasks for HumanizeDuration.js

I maintain an open source JavaScript library called HumanizeDuration.js. I have some starter tasks that I could use some help with. In exchange, I’d offer one-on-one pairing/support with JavaScript, open source, and time-duration math. Your name would also be added to the contributors list. This would be <5 hours of work, so this is not a huge commitment.

If you’re interested, feel free to reply here or contact me.


Interesting. This is the first time I’ve received a message like this from source diversity, so idk where this reply will end up.

Is there any more information about these starter tasks?

Hey Evan, I want to join in. I am interested.

Yours sincerely, Abhik Chakraborty.

Good question—I didn’t do this properly. I’ve now labeled the tasks in the GitHub issues.

@ericchase @abhik1998 If you’re still interested, could you send me a message? (I didn’t see a way to DM in these forums.) My email is If you prefer Keybase or Twitter, I’m @EvanHahn there.

Hi, Thank you for messaging me.

I will be really interested.

Let me know further details. I will not commit on time duration currently because of lot of work in my current job but will definitely work .

Thanks, Vishwas

@vishwasrao Please contact me and we’ll figure out next steps!