OSS Hackathon for Diversity

Looking to get more involved in an open-source project, have an idea of your own to improve the project, or just want to be part of an OSS project? Join our open-source hackathon to contribute to OSS projects.

The goal is to kickstart involvement in the OSS community and foster an environment for contributions and increase the diversity of the OSS communities.

What can you work on?

Apache NiFi

Apache Accumulo


GNU Radio

Or bring your own!

Why join?

Learn something new along with mentors from the OSS projects.

Collaborate with others.

Enhance your GitHub profile.

… and most importantly, have FUN!

All skill levels and contribution levels are welcomed. No prior open-source contribution experience is required. All the participating open-source projects will have a starting guide and a few items to start contributing along with mentors to support you!


April 29th -30th | Virtual via Microsoft Teams

Registration tiny.cc/osshack

Questions? Want to mentor? Email hackathonoss@gmail.com

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