Meeting at FOSDEM

(Jona Azizaj) #1

Hello everyone :raised_hands:,

Since some of us will be at FOSDEM in February, I was thinking would be great to gather and have lunch/dinner/drink together. In this way, we can talk a bit more about Open Source Diversity, what we can improve, share experience etc. Which time/day would work best for all? I would suggest Sunday night because I know that on Saturday night a lot of communities have dinner together and I will be with Fedora, and usually, lunchtime will not work best for most of us.

Other suggestions? And who will join? :slight_smile:

See you at FOSDEM :smiley:


(Georg Link (he/him)) #2

Great idea, I cannot join though.

(Sage Sharp) #3

@jonatoni Will you be at the community dev room? I’ll be around there in the evening, and perhaps we can get more people to join up for a diversity and inclusion dinner.

(Jona Azizaj) #4

Yes, I will be at the community dev room and I love the idea :slight_smile: - so everyone that is interested can join and meet us there, and then we can figure out where to go.

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #5

We can start to meet around 17:00 already next to the Open Source Design booth (K building ground floor, last booth before the restrooms) because there’s a bit of space. :slight_smile: