Looking for a lead for DEI efforts at IEEE SA OPEN

Hi everyone,

Over at IEEE SA OPEN, we are looking for someone to lead the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts. This is a volunteer opportunity where you can make some impact, leave your mark, and add to your resume.

This is a fairly young effort. IEEE SA OPEN aspires to be a comprehensive open source development platform that harnesses the power of familiar open source tools.

DEI is an important topic as we are building out the platform, onboarding projects, and establishing a community. For example, by design, we are baking role diversity into the community with specialized groups focusing on (a) Technology, (b) Community, and (c) Marketing. Highlighting marketing is something we don’t see a lot in open source and shows how role diversity is super important to us.

What would we expect from a lead for DEI? Facilitate regular meetings. About 1-3 hours per week volunteer effort.

Is there a specific plan? No. We don’t have a set agenda and are open to ideas and initiatives that ensure we are focusing on DEI. Follow your passion and shape this to your interests.

Interested in leading DEI efforts at IEEE SA OPEN? Let me know.

Not interested in leading but in general helping with DEI? Let me know.

Got questions? Let me know.

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Hi George,

I am interested in leading DEI efforts.

Would need your guidance in terms of the Mission,Vision of the initiative? What do we need drive for the next quarter and how do we measure the progress that we are making?

Thank you

Hi @Jayashree, that’s great to hear!

Mission, Vision, Goals of DEI at IEEE SA OPEN?

As we build up IEEE SA Open, we want to make sure that DEI is baked into its very core. We have decided how we are going to do this. Since this is a volunteer effort, it depends on what you and others would be interested in doing. I’m also a volunteer and happy to join forces with you.

I’d like to invite you to join our Mattermost chat [1] where we can discuss details also with other volunteers. I’d also put you in touch with Beth who provides a lot of support with coordinating.


[1] https://opensource-connect.ieee.org/community-advisory-group/channels/diversity-equity-and-inclusion