Invitation - IEEE SA Open - DEI Subgroup volunteers

Hi everyone,

I want to invite you to some upcoming conversations around DEI in open source for IEEE SA Open DEI Subgroup.

At IEEE SA OPEN, we are launching a DEI guild with the goal to develop resources and best practices for DEI in IEEE SA open source projects. The guild meetings will also be a forum for open source project maintainers and others to support each other with DEI related challenges. In IEEE SA Open context, we would like to connect the IEEE SA projects, standards developers to the wider open source communities. This will help bridging the DEI gaps and enable accelerate the pace of innovation & adoption, engagement.

I know that there is already a lot of work being done in this area and other efforts are underway. We hope to connect with you all, learn from you, and certainly avoid duplicating efforts. We are happy to promote existing resources but also fill gaps as needed.

One thought I had was that with the D&I monthly calls currently on hiatus, maybe we can partner up. We are amenable to organize these calls in a way that they can fill the gap. For this, it would be helpful to know what you want to get out of DEI calls so that we can make this happen.

What do you all think? Would you be interested in joining the conversation?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


I’m also helping with IEEE SA OPEN and hope to participate.

I think it’s key that we don’t duplicate efforts but build on each other.

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I would be interested in joining the conversation and I think partnering makes sense.


Hi @Chihurumnaya_Ibiam, welcome to the Open Source Diversity forum. Thank you for being interested in joining the conversation. We will keep you updated once we know more about when and where this is happening.

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Hi @Chihurumnaya_Ibiam @Victory_Brown - Thanks for your interest. We are working on the DEI Guild kickoff . We will finalise the dates soon. Will keep you posted.

We will await for few nominations this week and then I will setup an intro call. Thank you once again.

Hi Jayashree,

That would be great. Looking forward to it.

Best Brown

@Victory_Brown @Chihurumnaya_Ibiam - Could you please share your email ids? I will include you in the upcoming meetings for DEI Subgroup

Sure, ibiamchihurumnayaATgmailDOTcom.

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Hi. Yeah

I have forwarded you an invite for today. Pl join if possible

forwarded you an invite IEEE SAP Community Advisory Group for today, pl join if possible

orwarded you an invite IEEE SAP Community Advisory Group for today, pl join if possible

@Victory_Brown @Chihurumnaya_Ibiam - We have our first IEEE SA Open DEI subgroup meeting on 21st Oct. You will be receiving the invite. Looking forward to having you in the meeting.

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Alright. I’m Looking forward to it.