Whats being prioritised for 2021 OpenSource D&I community

Team , Would like to know the prioritised events planned for OpenSource D&I in 2021

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Hi @Jayashree, welcome to the Open Source Diversity forum! :wave:

Do you mean events related to the Open Source Diversity community, or events about D&I in Open Source generally?

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the warm welcome. I want to know both actually.

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I see @mdb shared details about GUADEC in a new thread over here. GUADEC is a great conference with a great community:

For the Open Source Diversity community, the honest answer is I tried to take on too much work on my own and didn’t enable others to be more hands-on in helping with co-organizing. The idea is not off the table, but it will take planning and work. Unfortunately, I changed roles and don’t have the same capacity to lead here as I did before.

There was also some discussion about waiting out the pandemic to try for something in-person, but we have not had any other champions come forward yet to be a lead organizer / cat herder.

Thanks Justin. I want to give my best to contribute and lead. Will like to meet with you and understand how I can do that. Please do keep me posted on how we can meet ( google?)

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Hi @Jayashree! Best thing to do is fill out the poll for monthly calls. See the thread @kristi started below:

You are welcome to be a part of these. It is also the best way to figure out what is going on and any future updates to the summit discussion.