JuliaCon 2019 Opportunities


JuliaCon 2019 is the 6th edition of the Julia language community’s annual conference!

Attend to learn about JuliaLang, which boasts robust performance benchmarks. Learn about how you can use the language and see innovative ways others are using and improving it.


Call for Proposals

There’s still time! Due March 31st 23:59 US Eastern: https://pretalx.com/juliacon2019/cfp

Diversity + Inclusion

JuliaCon is offering financial assistance to help individuals lower costs for attending the conference. See https://juliacon.org/2019/financial-assistance/

Here’s a glimpse of JuliaCon 2018:

JuliaLang is Open Source:

See how you can contribute to the source code:

Want to get to know the Julia community better?

Join the conversation with us!
Slack: http://julialang.slack.com | request your invite here: https://slackinvite.julialang.org
Discourse: https://discourse.julialang.org

Drop me a message if you’re interested in joining/learning about JuliaGals, a community targeted at creating an inclusive environment for individuals identifying as female and non-binary centered around Julia.

Or attend a meetup near you:


Note that the new link to join Slack is https://julialang.org/slack/