FOSDEM 2020 - call for participation is out

The FOSDEM call for participation is out

are there people going from here?

I will be setting up a stand for Eco Hacker Farm, could take stickers and marketing stuff with me for opensource diversity if you like.

If some of you are going I would love to collaborate on sharing a dev room perhaps. We need the space for 2 to 3 hours of content divided into 2 or 3 sessions.



Cool stuff! I’ll be traveling so not going to be there, but I’m pretty sure @jonatoni @evalica and more are going! :slight_smile:

My plan is to be there as well :smile: I will take some Open Source Diversity stickers, but I’m not sure about devroom because a lot of interesting topics about D&I were part of the community devroom this year.

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Awesome, I’ll be at FOSDEM 2020 too!

And CHAOSScon Europe 2020 (the day before FOSDEM).

I didn’t know about CHAOScon :smiley: I will check it out too

The CHAOSScon website will be at:
To get an idea for what the conference will be like, the previous conferences can give you an idea. We also have several talks with videos.

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Hello! Yes, I’ll be attending FOSDEM for the first time and I’m hoping my lightning talk about Dataverse (the open source project I work on), is accepted. :slight_smile:

I’m planning on attending some events organized by Open Source Design (@jan, it’s a bummer you can’t make it!) but I would love to meet @aimeejulia @jonatoni @GeorgLink and any others who are interested in diversity in open source!

CHAOSScon Europe 2020 looks very interesting but I’ll sadly miss most of it since my flight doesn’t land until noon that day. Will there be any talks from CHAOSS Diversity and Inclusion working group? If so, what time? Is there any chance for an evening event where we could talk about diversity? I’m very impressed with CHAOSS after hearing a talk by Matt Germonprez and Sean Goggins at an open source health workshop we hosted at Harvard in June and there’s a good chance we’ll be using Augur in the future.

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I would very much love to meet up at FOSDEM. Maybe we can circle back in January, closer to FOSDEM, and schedule a time.

At FOSDEM? Don’t know yet. We will submit talks, but don’t know if we are selected.

We will certainly have a talk or workshop at CHAOSScon about Diversity and Inclusion, but it sounds like you will not be able to attend on January 31.


Happy New Year! It turns out my talk was accepted! :tada: So you (and everyone) are very welcome to come. My talk will be mostly about Dataverse but I’ll certainly mention the open source health project (which has a diversity component) we have going on with CHAOSS. Here’s a link:

Do you know if any of your FOSDEM talks were selected? Or how many CHAOSS people will be there?

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There will be several CHAOSS members at FOSDEM because of our CHAOSScon the day before. I plan to put together a guide with relevant talks for CHAOSS topics a week before FOSDEM. Feel free to subscribe to the CHAOSS mailing list and help me remember to include your talk in that list.

@GeorgLink oh, there’s no need to include my talk in that list because I’m only going to mention that open source health project in passing at the end (and I don’t have time to get into specifics such as diversity and inclusion, unfortunately).

Yesterday I did finally get around to writing up a blog post about the project and talk about CHAOSS and Augur, if that’s of interest:

I never did subscribe to the CHAOSS mailing list. Is your guide with relevant talks for CHAOSS topics at FOSDEM available? Thanks!

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Hi @pdurbin,

Thanks for sharing your blog post. Great to see that the collaboration with CHAOSS is fruitful. I added your blog post to our website: (Your blog doesn’t have author information so I didn’t include it in the reference.)

I did not create the list of relevant talks at FOSDEM because I have been traveling since Christmas. :confused:

It would be great to meet you at FOSDEM. I will be with Bitergia in the cafeteria both days. We typically occupy a table and you can find me there.


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