Diversity scholarships for DevConf.US

DevConf.US is a free conference in Boston, MA on August 15-17. It is organized by Red Hat’s Engineering and dedicated to open source technologies.The conference has the following tracks: Application Development & Containerization, Building & Running Cloud Infrastructure, Ensuring Software Quality, Machine Learning & Privacy & Big Data, Serverless, Open Source & Process, Systems Engineering & Hardware, and User Experience in Open Source. You can learn more about the conference on its website and see the schedule from last year.

In an effort to create a more diverse and inclusive event, the conference is offering diversity scholarships that cover travel-related expenses for attendees who do not work at Red Hat and who are students or are relatively new or returning to full-time work in technology. Because there are also annual DevConf conferences in Bangalore, India and in Brno, Czechia, the scholarships for the Boston DevConf are for people who live in the U.S. and Canada. The scholarships can cover travel, accommodations, food, child care, and other expenses. Decisions will be made based on applicants’ experience with Red Hat-supported and other open source technologies and based on being a student or being new or returning to full-time work in technology. You can find more details and apply by 5pm ET on Monday, June 17 in the application form.