The awareness and experience of open source for Black students and contributors

Hello, my name is Magali Ngouabou and I am part of a research team at Carnegie Mellon University seeking to learn more about familiarity and accessibility of open source to Black and other underrepresented individuals. Surveys suggest minority representation in open source is low, but there is little information on the Black experience in these spaces, nor information on how underrepresented groups become aware of open source.

This is the survey link:

We would really appreciate it if you could possibly share it within your channels.

We also aim to learn more about the Black experience in open source, so would appreciate if Black contributors would be open to participating in those as well.

These past few months have been especially difficult on the Black community, and we fully acknowledge that this research is coming at a time where the population for this survey is under even more pain and stress than usual. In light of this, we truly appreciate your support in connecting with your organization’s members as any insight from the community would be helpful in finding ways to address issues of under-representation.



I would be happy to share this! d=Do you have a ‘tweet length’ ask for people to reply to this survey that captures what you’ve said here? (I didn’t want to paraphrase incorrectly)




would be happy to RT this on twitter. Did you already send out this link via twitter?

regards Lukas


Thank you for being willing to help <3

I haven’t really thought of a tweet but some form of this maybe:

Help CMU learn more about familiarity and accessibility of open source to Black and other underrepresented individuals with this survey:

Is that Twitter worthy? :sweat_smile:

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I have not tweeted this, as I do not have much presence on Twitter. Maybe @emma.irwin could point you to the right tweet.

I really appreciate your willingness to help :slight_smile:


Happy to help, and look forward to hearing what you learn.


tweet it yourself. we will all RT to give your message a greater signal strength. as a bonus this will hopefully lead to a few new relevant followers for your twitter account!


I dropped a tweet on the @osdiversity account:

Happy to signal boost / RT others on this too. :smile: Thanks for sharing this here @Magali!