Sustain Working Group on Documentation - 1st meeting

Hi folks,

A Sustain OSS Working Group focused on Documentation will hold their first meeting on Zoom on May 4, 2020 at 5:00 PM US Eastern.

Here is an invite excerpt from one of the facilitator’s initial emails:

Hey ya’ll!

It’s time to start the Docs WG up in earnest. I’ve sent you all invites for the first docs session, next week at 1700 CEST.

As a reminder, here is the Sustain Forum thread for this WG. Here is a general overview on the website. Here are the notes from the Docs session.

This session, Chris will lead us in figuring out where we go from here.


It would be great to have folks with a perspective for diversity and inclusion participate in these discussions. I hope to follow along with this Working Group, but it would be nice for other folks in this community who have a soft spot for docs to follow along. :smile:

More details, including how to join the chat room, are found here.

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Hi, thanks for these information. The link to the “Docs session” is not accessible ?

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I can view the document here:

I checked the settings and it should be publicly viewable. But I noticed it was created by a Google employee and there seem to be special permissions attached to it. Let me know if this link works or I will try forking a copy of the document to a new place.

Nope, I cant … Maybe there are special permissions attached to it :slight_smile:

I made a public copy in my personal Drive, try this: