Powerplant - a companion planting app for everyone

Hi all :smiley: I’m Aimee together with Franz & Petteri we work on powerplant as part of an ecohackerfarm project, I included below some info and links…

powerplant is an open source software that allows anyone planning a garden to utilize companion planting and other permaculture practices. It provides intelligent suggestions to help the gardener by advising the best planting schedules and combinations of crops to maximize the garden’s yield.

At the moment this software is still in development.

You can check out more information on our wiki


That sounds very cool @aimeejulia! Do you know https://openfarm.cc – it sounds related, maybe there’s space for collaboration (or you already do?)

If you are in Berlin, come join us at our monthly meetups (next one is today!), and at a future one you could present Powerplant and show how people can get involved? (cc @jessica0greene)

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yes we know about it, at the moment we work with an open database praticalplants.org which has more detailed information about plants and companionship documentation which is the focus in powerplant

unfortunately I am not able to make it today (I am based near Wittstock around 2 hours away from Berlin) but I hope to make it next time :smiley:

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