[Oct 4-5 online] eLife Innovation Sprint 2021

eLife Innovation Sprint 2021

October 4-5, online


The eLife Innovation Sprint is a 2-day collaborative hackathon where we bring together researchers, developers, designers, technologists, researchers, etc to develop technological solutions and prototypes to change the ways research is shared, consumed, evaluated and discovered.

We would like to invite everyone with idea(s) to use machine learning, NLP, knowledge graphs, etc to address one of the following themes to submit project proposal(s):

  • Support reproducibility in research

  • Promote diversity and inclusion in research

  • Improve publishing practices, e.g. preprints, equitable access and discovery

  • Facilitate research collaborations

Projects from past Sprints have gone on to be supported by eLife or other organisations such as Mozilla, the Sloan Foundation, the Wellcome Trust and eLife.

The deadline for submitting project proposals has been extended to June 7. General application for non-project leads is open between June 17 and June 27.

Please visit our website (sprint.elifesciences.org) for further information, and contact innovation [at] elifesciences [dot] org if you have further questions.

Thank you!