Modernizing developers and content creators wanted

Hi all! I wanted to call attention to this GitHub issue I opened on the repository. Based on recent conversations across Signal and Telegram, now seemed like a good time to figure out how we want to maintain and update our website.

There are two components to this mini-project: web development, and content management. We will need folks interested in contributing to a ReactJS-based website for our content, and others interested in evaluating and reviewing the actual content we publish.

The full details are in the GitHub issue below. If you are interested in contributing to this mini-project, please drop a comment in the GitHub issue. If you have questions or doubts, you can ask here first too. :relaxed:

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Hi Justin

On the React development side, there are about 6 volunteers from my team. I have shared the GitHub project url with them. The team should be providing their comments.

let me know if anything else needs to be enabled by me.

I have also volunteered for content management . I need some more information on that which I have updated in the GitHub. Thank you


Hi all, following up on this thread with the discussion details from today’s monthly call:

We will need to set up a developer meeting to begin next steps to work on the website. We will begin with a requirements gathering exercise to guide us on next steps. We should begin working on a timeline to present back to the community at the next August monthly meeting.

I have invited more folks to the GitHub team with commit access. I also created a Telegram group for developers:

More to come soon! Let us know any questions, concerns, or thoughts you have in this thread.


Hello Justin, I’m interested in contributing to content creation and evaluation. I noticed there is a mention of teams sending in volunteers. How do I become a part of this?