Simple, practical advice on how men can be better allies to women

Hi all! An article from this past October crossed its way into my feed. I thought some folks here might find it interesting too:

But if you want the abridged version, here are some of the key points in the article:


Similarly and even more in detail: 35 Practical Tools for Men to Further Feminist Revolution

It’s from 2014 and I often find myself looking through it again. Especially one point which is not mentioned a lot elsewhere:

3. Consume cultural products produced by women. In whatever your interests are—French cinema, astrophysics, baseball, birdwatching—ensure that women’s voices and women’s cultural products are represented in what you are consuming. If they are not, make an effort to seek them out.


Obviously this is a late follow-up, but I think this is a really important tip especially in the context of social media! But I suggest taking it one step forward and not limiting cultural products to just women, but also women/non-binary folx of different demographics (race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.).

Intersectionality makes the movement stronger. :fist: