PyMCon: An asynchronous-first virtual conference for the Bayesian community

As a member of the PyMC community, I am excited to announce PyMCon, an asynchronous-first virtual conference by and for the PyMC community. We are planning a free conference and aiming for it to be global.

PyMC is a NumFOCUS sponsored probabilistic programming library with many applications for data science and PyMCon will have both a beginner and an advanced track so both newcomers and experienced users feel at home. Registration will be free (and also optional for many of the activities of the conference) so if you are curious about applications of probabilistic programming and Bayesian statistics, don’t hesitate to follow the conference.

We are currently starting to heavily advertise the conference, we recently opened the call for proposals which will be open until September 4th. Moreover, we are searching for volunteers and we still have a couple of vacancies in the organizing committee.

If this sounds interesting to someone you know, we would be really grateful if you could share these invitations with them.

Please let me know if I can answer any question about the conference.


We have just opened the register process for the live session of PyMCon, with two timezones on October 31st. Tickets can be obtained at and the speaker list is also available on the website already.

We eventually settled by a ticket fee to take part in the live session that we have tried to keep low and we are thus also offering diversity scholarships. We will still publish all the talks publicly one week before the conference and have a 1 week long async discussion on PyMC discourse for anyone to ask questions to the speakers.

In addition we want to use the increased traffic on our Discourse to advertise and showcase organizations working in diversity & inclusion in OSS, statistics, data science… We have set an interest form for community partners and we would really value if you could either share it with organizations who may be interested or give feedback on this.