Proposal: Dispursing Sponsorship Funds

Hi Nattes,

Thanks for providing your feedback and letting us know how we failed you.

Is your suggestion to use the funds we have to pay someone to update the website and reduce the backlog?


@Nattes thanks for your feedback and I’m sorry to hear it was not a pleasant experience for you.

Paying someone to update the website is a great idea - but we need to create a list with the things we want to change/update, find someone to work on the website, etc. which will take time. Personally, I think the best would be to donate our funds to Outreachy. When we create the governance, we can activate again our Open Collective account and decide on the next steps.

Hi there,

Some of you are closely connected with Outreachy with your projects so you probably know all better than me what is needed there and what type of projects should be financed.

Can someone please unsuscribe me of this list ?

Kind regards,


Hi Nattes,

I’ll just say, that I made this proposal, because in my opinion, the community is inactive, and those who had volunteered in the past no longer had capacity, which is totally understandable. It could be added that rather than updating a website no one is able to maintain, it be archived.