🙋 Introductions (come in, say hi)

I’m Drashti from India. I’m Java Dev (younger one) and with opensource since last 3 years. I contribute in Mozilla, Localization Lab, Openstreetmap and OSCEDays I care about women’s contribution in tech. I speak in opensource conference still a naive in tech speaker :yum: I like to explore different cuture, traditions and FOOD still skinny. I’m also part time law student, just to complete my dad’s wish :crazy_face:



Hi awesome open source people!!

I have contributed to open source for about a decade and recently started a youtube channel to try and encourage more D&I into open source and tech events and hackathons by sharing my adventures. I get invited to volunteer at many D&I events where I always learn so much. Its great to meet and learn from so many awesome people at these amazing events. I look forward to sharing and learning with you all in this wonderful community.

I am in London, UK, if anyone would like to join me at tech events and/or hackathons (and even the EU) let me know, glad to have you join us :nerd_face:



Hi everyone,
I am Kaja, born and raised as a half Croatian in west Berlin by a teenage mom. This gave me my Pippi Longstockings mindsetplus street credibility. In university I studied philosophy and historical linguistics and my perspective on code is heavily influenced by these two subjects. Now I work as a web developer and in my freetime I go on demonstrations for social justice issues and play football (soccer) in a feminist fooball club. Also I am a proud organizer of the Rails Girls Berlin aka. code curious. During the Rails Girls Summer of Code 2017 I contributed to Discourse together with Jen who is now a beloved friend of mine.
During the RGSoC I also supported @jessica0greene and her team as the coaching company.

I am looking forward to finally participate in a meetup!


Hiiiiii! I am the Community Manager at Magento, an Adobe company, and focused on quite a few diversity and inclusion initiatives there. Before working for Magento, I was a developer at small merchant that was developing on Magento, among a handful of other open source technologies.

Looking forward to connecting with others. :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Justin. I am involved with free software for the past six years. I am in my final year of studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where I major in Networking and Systems Administration and double-minor in Free and Open Source Software and Free Culture, and Women’s and Gender Studies. I also volunteer with the Fedora Diversity and Inclusion Team.

Diversity and inclusion is a fundamental component of building collaborative and global free software communities. I believe it is valuable both for social justice and also building better and more representative technology. This is my primary motivation to contribute to diversity work in free software communities.

I’m interested to learn and discover how other free software communities handle diversity work and understand wider context for these issues across multiple different communities. Sometimes diversity work is lonely work and I think we all stand to benefit by sharing knowledge and strategies for how to design inclusive communities.

I hope to share my knowledge and learn from others here. See you around. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello! :smiley: I’m Cheryl, and I love all things Open Source! Currently the Release Branch Manager for Kubernetes (K8) version 1.15 and I also help out with the website for JuliaCon 2019.

You may have noticed the post titled “JuliaCon 2019 Opportunities” under events and meetups, please do check it out. JuliaLang is a budding community with lots of opportunities and we appreciate everyone’s involvement/help.

I’m also involved with diversity and inclusion initiatives for both K8 and JuliaLang. Feel free to drop me a message if you’re interested in knowing more and/or like to get involved.

Super glad :sunny: to be part of Open Source Diversity and I look forward to meeting you all! :tada:


Hi everyone.
I’m Nilesh from India :india:. I’m a student/developer who loves contributing to open source for fun. I learnt to code when I was 16, contributing to open source was major life changing moment for me. I started into open source when I was introduced to it by one of my senior in my university.

Now I contribute to organizations like Plone Foundation(volto), Mozilla and fossasia. I’m also a Google Summer of Code Student and mentor. I actively seek out learninig new technologies, attending conferences,(sometimes as a speaker too.:grinning:).

(Last year I went to Tokyo for my organization’s yearly conference, I was delighted to see awesome, helpful communities hanging out together. It was fun :slightly_smiling_face:)



Hello everybody,

My name is David and I’m from Portugal && France.
I’m 41 and I recently started a professional career reconversion in IT!

I went through a 14-weeks Java coding bootcamp, but feel more passionate about JavaScript and frontend development!

I try to improve myself at coding everyday, to keep me in the rhythm, while looking for an opportunity to get in my first job experience as a developer!

Open source community is an effective way of giving and receiving to grow strong all together, as we can keep learning so much more helping each other in a common project and purpose that brings real value to people’s life, which is so exciting and keeps me motivated to go further in this life coding path!

I’m new to programming and to open source community, so, I don’t already know well how this rolls, so some orientation and advices to get myself in are welcome! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time. Wish you all the best. :muscle:



Hello everyone :wave:!
I am Balirwa Priscillah from Uganda, East Africa
I have a background in public health and about to earn a Masters in Health Informatics.

I got to know about open source from my masters classes and found the concept really cool. I do not have technical IT skills but I am passionate about testing and documentation when it comes to technology. My experience in documentation and testing has been made possible due to my work with mUzima ( https://www.muzima.org/) an open mobile software that integrates with OpenMRS. I also recently enrolled for a 3 months paid internship with outreachy ( https://www.outreachy.org/).
This internship is about encouraging involvement with open source software bringing in the rare opportunity of paying interns while also ensuring diversity!

Speaking of diversity in open source is an area that excites me! As a person from a healthcare background, I always wondered how I could contribute to IT projects without any IT skills. Being part of open source communities has been a big eye opener. There’s a lot that the non-technical people can contribute to IT projects and I am glad open source communities are encouraging diversity!
Glad to be part of this!


Tell us who you are, where you are, what you like doing most on a daily basis, what brought you to open source diversity, and what you’re most excited about for this community.

Hi there! I’m John, I’m in the UK, I like weightlifting (although I’ve sprained my neck this week, so can’t do so much at the moment), I found open source diversity by google searching the term and I’m most excited to find out what I can do to make my open source project get better at having a diverse team.

I’m the project lead on an app called Wobbly. We’re a volunteer team, making a communication tool for precarious workers e.g. at Uber or Deliveroo. We’ve been active for about 6 months now, and are just about to start testing our tool with some real users.

Because it’s a volunteer project, we get a lot of people coming and going. We’ve noticed as a team that we could do a lot better when it comes to diversity, because as it stands the people contributing to the project are generally white guys in between the age of 25-35. And that doesn’t properly represent the people who we think would really benefit from our tool.

So I’m really interested to learn out about any initiatives, projects, best practices etc that would help our project be more diverse. Even the smallest tip would be helpful, so send me a message!


Hi John. Welcome to Open Source Diversity.

Have you seen Emma Irwin’s Squash Inclusivity Bugs blogpost? It provides an easy way to get started.

I am part of the CHAOSS project and we believe that beyond take measures for increasing diversity, you should track your progress in achieving your diversity goal.

CHAOSS D&I Working Group has started collecting metrics you could use for this and we would love you input and feedback on them: https://github.com/chaoss/wg-diversity-inclusion




Thanks very much Georg, I’ll check those links out!

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Heyo folks!

I am Tapasweni, I work with Reliance Jio Financial Innovation Services as Manager for products in Digital domain mostly travel and transit. I move in BLR, Mumbai and Delhi mostly. I like open source and love exploring things I am interested in. I keep in touch with engineering side as well. Great initiative, hope I can help a little!

I will share information about organising OpenSourceDay (One day where mentors will work folks, women given priority and contributed in the project they like, increasing the retention of women in non all women organisation). I will drafting a formal proposal out, I would love a little help in.

:orange_heart: Tapasweni


Hello everyone,

I’m Rishabh and I’m from the Discourse project. I’m a huge fan of the work that you all have been doing and reading all of the discussion here has been extremely informative for me to learn about taking measures for increasing diversity at Discourse and for Open Source in general.

I’m from Mumbai (India) but I’d love to make it to one of the Berlin meetups (one day) just to say hello! Finally, I’m so glad that all of this is happening on Discourse and I’m looking forward to contribute and be a part of Open Source Diversity :earth_asia: :star2:


Hi everyone - thank you to the folks who created this forum. I’m looking forward to contributing and learning from everyone! Feel free to connect with me on any other network. I have been involved in open source since my brother got into development at an early age which made me very curious though my teens / 20’s. I have always been in sales, but for the last 6 years I have been with WhiteHat and now WhiteSource.

I am extremely passionate about making sure people feel included in ALL open source communities.

Very best to all,


Hi, I’m Nasir Hussain :slight_smile: and I’m a 14 years old techie from Pakistan :pakistan: , I started my Open source journey with Fedora Project thanks to Google Code In 2019. I think Diversity and Inclusion is tech is really essential for us to thrive and Free and Open source communities can be a really great place to get started with as diverse teams work & perform better.

I’m extremely passionate about learning, contributing & creating diverse and inclusive open source communties.

Best Regards,
Looking forward to contribute & be a part of Open Source Diversity.


Hello! I am Akshay Arora.

Just a college student from India.Well this is the first time i have visited any open source community or open source in general and frankly, its quite overwhelming.But i think it would feel great to contribute to codes that people use.So yeah! lets begin this.Help me on this I guess...😅