D&I monthly calls

Hi all,

I hope you doing well during these difficult times.

During some conversations on telegram and signal we came up with this idea of having monthly calls, to discuss our possible agenda and catch up between each other.

I am creating this poll for the best time to have a call.

    • Monday 15:00 UTC
    • Tuesday 15:00 UTC
    • Tuesday 16:00 UTC
    • Wednesday 15:00 UTC
    • Wednesday 16:00 UTC
    • Thursday 16:00 UTC
    • Thursday 17:00 UTC
    • Thursday 18:00 UTC
    • Friday 15:00 UTC
    • Friday 16:00 UTC
    • Friday 17:00 UTC

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Let’s set the deadline on April 11th. After that date once we have the most voted time, I will announce the date of meeting and we can work on an agenda.

Thanks, Kristi


Sounds like a good idea, has voted on the times i can next week

I have voted with my preferences. Thanks for setting up this.

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Thanks for setting this up! Please keep me in the loop! :slight_smile:

Lets do this call on Wednesday (April 14th) 16:00 UTC.

Here is the meeting link: Open Source Diversity

Etherpad link: GNOME Etherpad

Feel free to add in the agenda things you would like to discuss during the meeting.

Best, Kristi


Don’t have time to attend this month, having another colliding thing, but will try to join in next month

I have a conflict this month; hope to join in May!

Will join today too :slight_smile: