CHAOSS D&I Workgroup

Background CHAOSS D&I Workgroup’s main goal focuses on understanding from a qualitative and quantitative point of view how diversity and inclusion can be measured. This will bring four main outcomes:

  • First a set of metrics curated by the community focused on understanding and measuring diversity
  • Second learn good practices from open source communities on improving their diversity and inclusion
  • Third produce useful software to measure diversity from a quantitative point of view. This is expected to produce generic software to analyze several repositories of information such as Git repositories or Mailing lists
  • Fourth, good practices on how to deal with such data, maintain and ways of collaboration with open source communities.
  • Fifth, a method that other communities can reproduce the report for themselves.

Contributor Type Anyone who has an interest in measuring diversity and inclusion in open source can help us.

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Hello @GeorgLink :wave:. I’m very interested in this topic and I always follow your discussions on the mailing list and the work you are doing on GitHub, the D&I workgroup is doing a great job :star_struck: - thank you for sharing it here :raised_hands:. I will try to participate in the calls :blush:

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@jonatoni That’s great! I look forward to having you join us. :smiley:

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