Open Source Developer Advocate @NumFOCUS

The primary role of the Open Source Developer Advocate is to represent and support developers of NumFOCUS open source projects by serving as a link to internal and external stakeholders as well as the global user community. You will generate attention and support by applying your technical knowledge, passion for open source data science, and excellent communication skills.

The person in this role helps to ensure smooth communication between NumFOCUS staff and representatives from our 30+ open source projects by serving as the primary point of contact. In this capacity, you will coordinate, on behalf of NumFOCUS, Google Summer of Code, Google Season of Docs, and other similar programs. You will provide support to our open source projects requesting technical and infrastructure services and help the projects to implement best practices for their long-term sustainability, such as improvements to documentation, governance, etc.

I used to work for NumFOCUS and am happy to answer questions!


Hey @ginahelfrich, thanks for sharing. :raised_hands:

I noticed the listing says the team is based in Texas. I was wondering, is this role open internationally or only to U.S. citizens?

Youโ€™ll need to have authorization to work in the U.S. already; I donโ€™t think the org has the means to support a visa.

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Hi @ginahelfrich ! This seems like a great position, though I only have a year in Python and itโ€™s iffy at best. My enthusiasm for advocacy and communication skills, however, are good. In your opinion, would it be worth applying?

Regardless of your answer, thanks for posting this opportunity!

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For sure! Itโ€™s much heavier on relationships and advocacy than technical work.