Diversity and inclusion team

Dear All, @jessica0greene, @sarah.c.koehler, @jan,

I have started this topic to follow up on our efforts in Diversity and Inclusion area.

We can organize, structure and consolidate information over this thread, in case we haven’t opened another thread before.

Best regards,

Notes from our meeting on the 29th (sorry currently in a google doc as my Nextcloud seems to be on the blink) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KtLARPgKRVJ-o3ZtR39bhDSAoU9JGCKjI9nFNe_3Mp0/edit?usp=sharing

My current open points that I want to mention

  • Time scheduling for monthly meetings for OSD D&I organizer team
  • Setting up a space to save our resources (meeting notes, planning boards, files, presentations, etc.)
  • Should we set up a mobile chat group? Can I setup a group on Signal for now?
    We could use an online board to manage these as well.

@jan, @jessica0greene @sarah.c.koehler, Today I have met Noa, who I believe can be an amazing addition to our organizer team.
She is an experienced Data Science and Analytics expert with an extensive in-depth involvement of R programming, and dev communities. She is organizing a number of local and international communities, working actively on driving open source, diversity and inclusion, and for enabling women in tech. She is very interested to collaborate. I suggest we invite her to the forum and to our next meeting.

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Thanks for keeping this alive!
I would say we should definitely invite Noa to join us, we can always use more people to spread the load a bit more.
As it can take a while for everyone to notice posts on this forum, a mobile chat group might be easier to work with. Signal works for me.
Regadring the meeting: I honestly don’t remember, but I think we had a date in mind already for the next meeting, at least I have a note in my calendar for Dec 5th.
To collect our resources and meeting notes, I hope we can use nextcloud for that? I think the shared doc for the hacktoberfest event worked very well.

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I think Noa would be a great addition, I very much admire her work with PyData Meetup and the conference this year.

Ive added the notes from the 29th here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KtLARPgKRVJ-o3ZtR39bhDSAoU9JGCKjI9nFNe_3Mp0/edit?usp=sharing (I have also put them in the top level post of this thread) It’s a google Doc, perhaps @jan can transfer it to a Nextcloud doc.

I unfortunately have had to rethink my commitment for the time being and will not be able to offer any time until the new year. I thank you all for your understanding. I hope it’s possible to find some others to support in the meanwhile. Perhaps we can already tweet about it and point people here??

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Either as Python Users Berlin (PUB), or as “myself”, I would like to contribute to this team either with the discussion, or helping through the events you might organize to encourage people to start hacking in some OpenSource project.

I would more than gladly pass the word about this group and its events during the PUB meetups, if that’s OK. We currently have more than 5k members, so spreading the word through Meetup could also be a good idea.


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Cristián, thank you for this, it would be great to cross-communicate when we together organize a hackathon. Please follow this thread. For planning the next hackathon, we want to do an organizational call/meeting for not very far from now, probably by early 2020.

Hi everyone,
Thanks for the warm welcome!

I’m currently frantically busy with organising the first WiMLDS scikit-learn sprint in Berlin (follow @WiMLDS_Berlin on twitter for more details! It will take place January 25th), a cross R user groups watch party for RStudio::conf, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) support for UseR! 2020, and writing a DEI toolkit for Meetup Organizers (first draft is almost done) for Forwards and NumFOCUS DISC.

That said - I would love to meet with you in January to share knowledge and hear more about your plans and how I can help / take part.

Sometimes suggesting a date and times goes faster than a doodle, would January 11th, 15:00 CET work for everyone?

I’m not sure if we have caretakers in the group, so I assumed Saturday midday would be more convenient - but feel free to correct me. Also please let me know if anyone is using accessibility software and would require any adjustment to communication. Same goes for requiring an accessible meeting venue, and anything else that will allow everyone to participate easily and equally.

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Welcome @noatamir!
Your projects are super exciting! Especially I’d love to know more about DEI toolkit.
I would double the January meeting idea, we could meet remotely, or remote and in-person hybrid :slight_smile:
January 11th would work for me, however if @jan is going to attend, we might want to find a time matching his circadian rhythm :slight_smile: We may want to meet earlier in CET, during Jan’s away time.

hello, with thinking some of us will not be able to join a potential call in December, should I assume that our planned call on 5th December at 1 PM is postponed to January 2020?

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Hi everyone! I am beyond excited to join in helping this cause, it pulls together a lot of different areas of my life and allows me to “give back” now

If you want to connect elsewhere, great. Otherwise - I look forward to helping in any way.

Happy New Year!


May i join this? I am new to this forum but this is what I was looking to get involved with